Ridley United Intramural Referees

Our 12 and older youth can earn extra money by participating in the upcoming season as an Intramural Referee. 

Once assigned to a game, you must contact Chuck Catania by Thursday night by email at to confirm.

Per game pay rates are $10 for U08, $15 for U10/U12, $20 for U14.

Ref Schedule

Contact Art Stretton for more information.

Click here to download and complete the Referee form.

   NOTE:  Any issues regarding referees should be reported to Art Stretton (610-527-4410).

2014 Ridley United Soccer Invitational Tournament Referee Information

Tim Snyder is the referee assignor for our tournament. Please contact Tim at for more information.

Youth Referee Intramural Guidelines - 2013


  • Whistle
  • Time piece
  • Shirt

Game Responsibilities

  • Positioning
  • Control
  • Conduct
  • Rules


  • Introduce offsides (1-2 warnings)

  • Proper throw-ins (1 warning) possibly show right method.
  • Sportsmanship


  • Offsides enforced

  • Proper throw-ins
  • Slight pushing


  • Offsides enforced

  • Proper throw-ins

Remember that you are in control and have the support of the club.